Droids And The Dark Side Recap

Session 1 - Hostage Extraction

Begin play aboard an imperial cruiser in the Naboo system.
The party is briefed by the imperial Lieutenant Commander Marlan Tsarkey and his attached TaggeCo representative Mannis Theire. It appears that a TaggeCo mine and Imperial Outpost were repeatadly attacked by Tusken Raiders with sophisticated equipment and they have recently lost contact with the two facilities. The players are to a) Determine the Source of the weaponry, b) Establish contact with the Mine and Outpost, and c) Re-establish Imperial control, if necessary.

Battle 1 - Centennial Squid + Tie Fighter Vs. 2x X-wings

Intermission - Information Gathering at the Cantina

Battle 2 - Hostage Situation

After this session 10 days total have passed.

Session 2 - Amateur Surgery Night

Attempted surgery leaving Aakot unconcious, a minor strafing run by a rebel Y-Wing

Battle 3 - Jawa Ambush
(Aakot nearly dies, and Praz is nearly taken out after a lucky shot from a jawa directly in the heart.)

After this session 13 days total have passed, making it Week 4, Thursday the 18th of January, 2BBY
Praz's imperial bank account holds the pay for 2 weeks; 3000 credits
Party levels, and their total experience sits at; X?