CL 4 – Setting: Tattooine, Rebellion Era (Between ep 3 and 4, The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide, Rebellion Era Campaign Guide)

Notes: Military Jargon (Galaxy at War, pg 80) Ranks Pg 93, Stormtroopers pg 96,
Working for the Galactic Empire, bounty hunters and empire troopers. This mission is sponsored by TaggeCo (Galaxy of Intrigue pg 120), in particular Silas Tagge. He had a laboratory/factory/weapons development facility in Tattooine's deserts, one where he was working on a prototype for his Omega Frost weapon as well as a few prototype droids and vehicles. It lost communications and is suspected of being attacked by a massive Tusken Raider attack. (In actuality it has been taken over by the Rebel Alliance, led by a Kel Dor Jedi who is going slightly insane. If this Jedi can be turned to the Dark Side and brought back to Darth Vader there will be a sizable reward.)
Characters will begin in another system on an imperial cruiser and have to travel to tattooine. Their initial mission brief comes from a young imperial officer, Lieutenant Commander Tsarkey, who is escorted by a member of TaggeCo's administrative branch, Mannis Theire. They tell the players that attempts to establish an Imperial Outpost on Tattooine are being hindered by Tusken Raiders attacking troopers with increasingly sophisticated weaponry and recently vehicles. TaggeCo has vested interest in the area, as it has a deep core mining operation there which the empire's increased security patrols would have allowed to expand steady trade.
So the players can requisition a starship worth up to 160,000 credits, and equipment adding up to 8000 credits.

Act One – Travelling to Tattooine

Mission: a) To break the onslaught of tusken raiders on the imperial outpost construction site.
b) To determine the source of their weaponry influx

Location: Tattooine
Travel Details: Party will leave by personal flight, on a requisitioned spacecraft of up to 160,000 credits worth, piloted by Mike's character. They will dock at an imperial station on Tattooine and return in the same manner. Once on tattooine they must attempt to remain inconspicuous and not immediately recognizable as Imperial Forces in order to covertly assess the threat of the raiders and their benefactor.

Kel Dor Dark Jedi – Soorezz Koon - 7th level Jedi
50 yr old, 1.8 meters, 80kg

Act 1.5 - Encounter on the Space Lane

Players encounter a battle going on between a Tie Interceptor and 2 Rebel X-Wings as they are preparing to enter hyperspace. The TIE hails them as they are preparing to jump asking for assistance.
Tie Interceptor - Starships of the Galaxy pg 144 CL 8
Rebel X Wing - Starships of the Galaxy pg 152 CL 10

Reward: Salvage from Ships, more intact if used Ion or boarded.

Act Two - Arriving at Tattooine

The players fly into port in Mos Eisly and are supposed to meet with a TaggeCo worker refugee, Marlena Tarkross. Have to use a persuasion check to intimidate the bartender into telling you that some pirates kidnapped her and were trying to ransom her back for 10,000 Credits.

Act 2.5

Mercenary Soldier x2, Mercenary Heavy Infantry x1, B2 Battle Droids x4 (pg 38 Droid Guide), Protocol Droid guarding Door

Session 1 Rewards

Act Three - Travelling to Outpost

Attacked by Jawas riding Rontos, armed with Ion Grenades. They have a jawa leader who has an extra soldier level and the feat Disabler, which increases the burst radius from 2-3 squares. They use the wreck on a construction vehicle, AT-CT (All-Terrain Construction Transporter) from The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide, to lure the party in, then jump the party. AT-CT can be repaired in 12 hours with a DC 25 Mechanics check.
10x Jawa Scouts - Jawa Scout 3
3x Jawas on Rontos - Scout with Ronto
1x Jawa Scout Leader - Jawa Scout 3, Soldier 2, Armed with Ion Grenades.
2x Rebels, Mercenary Soldier, are behind the AT-CT, armed with a Rotary Blaster Cannon (3d10, 2x4 square) which they have braced for autofire. The #2 has a Scatter Gun (3d8 at point blank, 2d8 at short)

AT-CT appears to have been taken out by the jawas and Rebels, but was coming from the TaggeCo facility, which they have overtaken. Also curious, there was no pilot, just a droid brain.

Act Four - Attacking Strong Point Phoenix

Act 4.5 - TaggeCo BioWeapons Lab

TaggeCo has a secret weapons development lab. On the surface it appears to be a droid and vehicle weapons experimental facility, but in a sub-basement they'll discover a medical bay where they have harvested dead imperials' brains to use as pilots/gunners. They have a few experimental ones developed but they manifested aspects of their old personalities, making them liabilities. Soorezz Koon came there originally to liberate the facility and when he found the brains he recalled legends of Sith Alchemy being used to accomplish an effect with the brains to spread fear. He decided it was worth sticking around and seeing if he could use what he understood of the process to create droid brains which spread hope, bolstering allies in a fight and preserving their comrades' skill. THe act of accepting these means as way to accomplish his end has started to make him lean towards the dark side and slip into insanity.


Blank Enemy Template
Jawa - Add 1-2 damage to ion damage
Jawa Scouts - Small sized Mercenaries pg 55 Threats of the Galaxy with Ion Rifles and Ion Grenades, riding Rontos
Womp Rat
Droideka Mark II (CL 8) – Scavenger's Guide to Droids pg 84