Name:Aakot Age: 43(middle age -1str,-1dex,-1con +1wis +1int +1chr), Height: 1.6m, Weight: 68kg, Eye colour: Golden, Skin Colour: Aqua, Gender: Male

Race: Mon Calamari - +2 int +2 wis -2con, Medium size, speed 6 swim 4, breathe underwater, expert swimmer (page 29), low-light vision, conditional feat (keenly perceptive)), Languages – basic and Mon Calamari, Origin planet Mon Calamari – mechanics and swim as class skills.

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 19
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 14

Skills: 1/2 level + 5(if trained) +5(skill focus) +stat.
Mechanics+int, Skill Focus. (16)
use computer+int. (11)
knowledge technology+int. (11)
knowledge physical sciences+int. (11)
Knowledge Galactic Lore+int. (11)
Knowledge Life Sciences+int. (11)
pilot+dex. (8)
treat injury+wis. (11)
perception+wis, Skill Focus. (16)
Persuasion+chr. (9)

Skill Focus (Mechanics) (1)
Tech Specialist (3)
bonus feat – Surgicial Expertise (2)
Weapon Proficiency Rifles (4)
Skill Focus (perception-Racial)
starting feats:
Linguist(Binary-Shyriiwook-High Galactic-Quarrenese-Cerean)
Weapon proficiency (pistols and simple weapons)

Lineage talent – Wealth, Connections, Inspire Confidence.

Base Attack +3, Extra Damage + 2

Aakot – Ref: 17 Fort:15 Will:21 HP:42 DT:14
Omega 7 – Ref:24 Fort:16 Will:14 HP: 50 DT:13
Alpha 2 – Ref:12 Fort:11 Will:13 HP:24 DT: 11

Aakot – Base attack +3 melee +0 ranged +1. Blaster Pistol +4.
Damage - Blaster Pistol – 3d6 +2.
Omega 7 – Base attack +3, melee +1, ranged +3. Blaster Rifle +6, Blaster Rifle Heavy +6, Blaster Pistol Heavy +6, Grenade Launcher +6.
Damage – Blaster Rifle - 3d8dmg +1, Blaster Rifle Heavy – 3d10 +1, Blaster Pistol heavy – 3d8 +1, Grenades 4d6+1 burst 2.

Equipment: Carrying Capacity 60.5kg heavy load 30.25kg
Blaster Pistol 500cr restricted 3d6dmg, 2d6stun dmg, single shot, 1kg energy. 1power pack = 100shots. C
Frag grenade 200cr, 4d6dmg, 0.5kg slashing. 2 square burst radius. C all 7
Bandolier 7 grenades and 5 power packs. 100cr, 2kg.
Comlink encrypted short range 250cr 0.1kg C
Credit chip 100cr 0.1kg C
Datapad 1000cr 0.5kg C
Security kit 750cr 1kg C
Utility Belt 500cr 4kg 3days food, medpac, tool kit, spare power pack, spare energy cell, glow rod, liquid rope dispenser with small grappling hook, couple empty pouches 0/5kg max each. C
Concealed Holster 50cr 0.2kg C
5 spare power packs, 125 .5kg C
4 medpacs 600cr 4kg in medkit. C

Portable Computer 5000cr 2Kg
Flight Suit 1000cr 3Kg
Medical Kit 600cr 20Kg
Surgery Kit 1000cr 10Kg
Field Kit 1000cr 10Kg
Power recharger 100cr 1kg
Used LandSpeeder 2500cr pg.176 star wars saga edition.

Weight carried 17.9.

Droid, tiny Type 1 (Alpha 2)– carrying capacity: x0.5(40) cost: 5x
Str:9 Dex:11 Int:13 Wis:17 Chr:9 Scout 1 1500cr Skill: (perception + feat skill focus perception(15)) Initiative, Stealth, Endurance, Pilot. Quirk – Sprung Hatch(scavenger pg.21)
Talent: Acute Senses.
Hovering mobility – 100 X cost factor X Speed(5) Squared = 12500
Improved sensor package 200cr 2.5kg +2 perception (equipment) low-light vision
Darkvision 150cr 1.5kg
Heuristic processor 2000cr and 5kg
Sensor booster 200cr 5kg
Locked Access 50cr
Total cost:15100cr weight: 15kg

Droid, Medium Type 4 Battle droid (Omega 7)– carrying capacity: x1.5(108) cost: x1
Str:12 Dex:18 Int:8 Wis:10 Chr:8 Soldier 4 4500cr talent: Draw fire, Tough as nails(+1 second wind per day).
Feats: Armour Proficiencies (light, medium, heavy(1)) Weapon proficiencies (Heavy(2), pistol, rifle, simple)Precise Shot.
Skills: Climb, Initiative. Quirk – Helpful(Scavenger pg.21)
Walking Mobility 4 Legs with climbing claws– (10 X cost X speed squared(6))x2 1440cr
Hand Appendages 50cr each 100 total
Comlink internal 250cr 0.1kg
Heuristic Processor 2000cr 5kg
Shield Generator SR10 5000cr(+1000License) 20kg
Duranium battle Armour 10000cr(+2000License) +10armour max dex 2 10kg
Shield expansion module 500cr 20kg
Voice print command lock 400cr 1kg
Locked Access 50cr
Blaster Rifle 1000cr restricted 3d8dmg, 2d8stun dmg, S – A, 4.5kg, energy 50shots.
Blaster Pistol Heavy, 750cr Military, 3d8dmg, 2d8stun, S, 1.3kg energy 50shots.
Blaster Rifle Heavy (2-h) 2000cr Military, 3d10dmg, 2d10stun, S – A, 6kg, energy 30shots.
Grenade Launcher 500cr Military, 4grenade capacity, reload as a full round action. 5kg
Frag grenade, 200cr military, 4d6 slashing 0.5kg per. 13grenades. 8kg
Total cost: 32140 Weight: 80.9kg