This is the homepage for our Star Wars Saga Edition Tabletop game.

Starting credits 20,000 + 5,000 per noble level.
Starting in the Solstice Imperial Cruiser orbiting Naboo.
Pay rate is 600 Credits a week (5 standard days) for Mike, and 300 credits per attached minion.
Days of the week are Monday - Friday, Start Date is Week2, Monday, 2BBY
5 days = 1 week
7 weeks = 1 month
35 days = 1 month
368 days = 1 year
10 months + 3 festival weeks + 3 holidays = 1 year


RH-83 - Jean Droid Scout2/Soldier2
Grayraccor - John, Wookie Jedi 5
Aakot - Mon Calamari Noble 5
Praz Lusp - Zabrak Scoundrel 5

Centennial Squid - Corellian YT-1300 Transport

House Rules


Craft Skill

As described in old Star Wars Supplement, Craft Groups…
Can't craft a droid of class level higher than your level, or nonheroic level higher than double.


Time it takes to transport through hyperspace equals 1d4+(Grids between systems) x hyperdrive multiplier of ship.

Ion Damage

Ion Damage works as non-lethal damage in 3.5ed for droids, vehicles and other machinery. This way a vehicle can be disabled when dropped to 0 hp without exploding as it would with all lethal damage. If Ion Damage does more damage than it's target threshold then it drops -2 on the condition track as opposed to the normal -1 with lethal damage.
Ion damage deals 1/2 damage to organic creatures.

Droids and the Dark Side (Our Campaign)

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